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All Christians pray for Obama, he really needs it: Psalms 109:8. I pray to the spirits upon the rising of every sun that all he has done to this country be repaid upon him. I pray that those who voluntarily swear an oath to accept so much responsibility only to violate that oath be dealt with severely by powers much greater than I. I also pray that those who voluntarily swear an oath to accept great responsibility and keep that oath be granted the blessings that their maker can bestow upon them. I am but an old feeble man, and though he can bring great damage and destruction upon me I can do nothing to him. And so I ask that the Great One, who sees into the hearts of all men, to look in his heart and judge him, for only the Great One knows what stuff he is made of.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Free Ice Cream

Congratulations children! You have tapped into the perpetual ice cream machine. All the ice cream you want, in perpetuity. Obama, your Good Humor Man, is "manning" the ice cream helm.

This is not the Good Humor man I am talking about.

Get your free ice cream.

Get your free ice cream right here!
Because all this ice cream
is all FREE! You voted for it and now you get to have as much free ice cream as you can have. Give it to them Joe!
Oh ya! This is really good stuff. Joe is really loving it.
This is your man, Barrack Obama.

Every one of you lazy thieving slobs have tapped into a hatred you know nothing about. You people stole this land from my ancestors and gave us nothing in return. I watched people from my tribe die on our reservation for lack of the most basic medical assistance THAT YOU PUT IN WRITING IN A TREATY THAT YOU WOULD PROVIDE!

What gives you the right to steal from my family what we earned to survive on  so you can live in comfort? All this in the name of the "fair share??!?!?!??!"

I earned what I have. I worked hard. I left the reservation with nothing in my pockets. And now that I have something you want you elect a ruler to steal it from me. Many braves died to defend what was theirs. Prepare to meet what is sitting at the bottom of cone.


  1. Sour grapes. Why don't you man up for a change?

  2. OTR - you and Auntie hooked yourselves a good one. Well, I think it's cute and it makes me laugh..............does it bite?

    1. It wiggles a lot. Cannot determine if it bites or just sucks. Reminds me of the brim and minnows that would pick at my feet when I was bow fishing in the waters of the Pahayokee.

  3. Ah. Throw it back. Bottom feeders generally have a musty flavor..............

  4. hehehe didn't we though! But she never scores just throws out desperate attempts to shame us into wanting to hand over all our worldly goods and those of our children and grandchildren just to help her push her nanny state agenda.

  5. Auntie - she's definitely a he. Women don't say "man up" - and if they do it's because they are going to have an addadictomy soon, and man-speak is part of their sexual crossover training. maddow went through the same thing when she had her operation.

  6. Maybe it fashions itself after the head of DHS? Going butch?